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September Heli Fun Fly 

Midwest Performance Flyer's/HeliHawks

Tom Egbert Pilots a huge Commercial Helicopter called the Yamaha Rmax.

The Midwest Performance Flyers are a special interest group that promotes helicopters.  For more info.  call Tom Egbert  E-Mail Tom

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Jason Hick's Page

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Minn. Fun Fly Page

Tom Egbert's SR Heilcopter at Lincoln Dave Gulick Bret Webster camera_angle.jpg (67023 bytes)
Tom Egbert Dave Gulick Bret Webster Photo by Steve Zikmund
Steve and Kim Joe, Steve & Kim scale_police.jpg (69972 bytes) The Hicks Family
Steve & Kim Joe, Steve & Kim Steve Zikmund's Nexus with Toys 'R" Us body. Peter Truong
We're going to have to keep these two off the fishing channel. Byron Head Ed Mooney's helicopter Marty Campbell flying Ed's Helicopter.
Fishing for Helis Byron Head Ed Mooney's New Helicopter Marty Campbell Flying Ed Mooney's Heli
Antenna Implant Ed, Ed Marty and Tom Friday Night is Helicopter Night Joe Cole inverted and Steve Zikmund above
"Marty" out showing off his new antenna implant Ed Mooney, Ed Splittgerber, Marty Campbell and Tom Egbert at Heli night Friday Night is Helicopter night at La Vista Field Joe Cole inverted with Steve Zikmund flying on top of him
Tim Peters Ed Splittgerber wayne_henning_eflite.jpg (25458 bytes)
Tim Peters Ed Splittgerber Rich Eich's New Heli Wayne Henning's E-Flight Blade CP