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Performance Flyer's Annual Holiday Party

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Performance Flyer's Annual Ace Training Aerospace Career Exploration Neb. Dept. of Aeronautics:

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La Vista Daze:

       Midwest Performance Flyer's La Vista Daze Flying Demos & Flight Training

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       "Super Bowl Sunday"  Watching the Game on big screen TV, Indoor Flying & Pizza hosted by the Midwest Performance Flyer's.

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Dean Dingman's trip with pictures from the Hoosier Dawn Patrol at Muncie, IN.

Read about Dean Dingman's trip to Muncie on the Aug.18, 2007 weekend.

Pictures or Dean's Muncie Trip

Proof that they fly at Dawn


Midwest Performance Flyer's Helicopter Fun Fly Gallery 1

Midwest Performance Flyer's Helicopter Fun Fly Gallery 2


 Midwest Performance Flyer's La Vista Field


ACE 2007 Program Photo Gallery 1

ACE 2007 Program Photo Gallery 2

ACE 2007 Program Photo Gallery 3


 Click Here For Photos of Midwest Performance Flyer's Helicopter Fun Fly.


Click Here For Photos of Midwest Performance Flyer's Training Night.




Dean Copeland's new N9MB Northrop Flying Wing Project.  These are taxi tests at the Center Indoor Flying facility.   (Click Here or on the picture)


Tom Ebert has organized many Flying/Instructional Programs for Schools Scouts etc. Dean Copeland with model holding his Demoiselle Keith Paskewitz Fly 3-D type maneuvers.

Midwest Performance Flyer's Scout Troup Program


Slow fly by in round one Landing in a 20 plus cross wind Slow fly by in round two

Dean Copeland's Top Gun Plane




ACE (Aerospace Exploration) Camp

Midwest Performance Flyers flew with the ACE (Aerospace Exploration) Camp on July 11th at La Vista Field.   ACE is a group of High School Students from all over the state of Nebraska . Each Student must apply and the camp is limited to 30 students.  The camp is sponsored by the Nebraska Department of Aeronautics, Strategic Air & Space Museum, and The University of Nebraska.  The camp takes place every summer for one week and this is the second year the Performance Flyers have been involved.


New Gallery

La Vista Field June

La Vista Field May

Photos in this section taken by Ed Paasch


Winter Flying 1/16/2005

Field of Wings


Senior Pattern 2001 Gale's Lear Toms Edge Galen's  Stinson
Tom Egbert Gale's Lear Tom's Edge Galen Lillethorup
Gale's Twin Gale's Bronco Gales P-51 Gun Fighter
Gale Sherman Gale Sherman Gale Sherman Tom Egbert
Galens Stinson 2 Gale's P-51 Galen's  Stinson 3 Galens Right Flyer
Galen Lillethorup Gale Sherman Galen Lillethorup Galen Lillethorup
John Carrol's Plane larry_and_guys_from_swift.jpg (49144 bytes) Bob Roegge's Aeronca Champ Dean Copeland's Skyvan
John Carroll Larry & the Guys/SWIFT Aeronca Champ Dean Copeland
Joe, Steve & Kim Bob Roegge's Tri Pacer  joes_roadrunner.jpg (57396 bytes) roadrunner.jpg (54590 bytes)
Joe, Steve & Kim Bob Roegge's Tri Pacer Joe Coles Roadrunner Kit, with Kalt G-22, 90" wing and 14 pounds "Joe's cool graphics"
Bob Roegge MPF Extra Bob's Tri Pacer Joe Cole's Cap 232 Jerry Lamm
 Bob Roegge Bob's first flight on March 22nd 2003 Joe Cole's Cap Jerry Lamm & Sig 4 Star 60 with OS .91
Keith Paskewitz Giles G-202 La Vista Model Display Jeff Ward's Fleet
Keith Paskewitz. La Vista Display Jeff Ward's Fleet Tom Egbert's Pizza Box Plane with OS .32 Helicopter engine.
galens_4engine.jpg (21641 bytes)

joe.jpg (38706 bytes)

Galen Lillethorup's indoor 4 engine bomber. Joe Cole's new flying wing - a Lanier Shrike that he just finished. Jim Drickey's Fairchild 24 Built from stick and tissue.

Jim's Fairchild

(Very Nicely Done)


Oak View Mall Show


2003 Mall Show Mall Show Oak View  Mall Show
Part of the display "Gale Sherman  "Monokote Demo"