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IFO Power System

By Keith Paskewitz 2/25/2006

     I am using a brushless Outrunner motor called a Nippy Black "Uberall" from Hobby Lobby and I have now switched to a 20C three cell 340ma Kokam Lithium battery pack.  The Nippy Black is a little heavier than some of the cheaper Outrunner motors but I think it puts out more power for less electricity than the other motors.  It also never over heats.  It's heavier main shaft is indestructible and you can repeatedly fly it at full throttle into a hard surface without bending the shaft.  This motor will literally last you a lifetime. 

     With the plane hanging from it's prop most of the time it will give you an 8 to 10 minute run.

     I use an 11x4.7 Graupner prop on it.

     I use a magnet motor mount that I perfected over a period of a year or two.  I use three super magnets in a tri-angle arrangement.  The magnets are mounted on popsicle sticks which are crossed in the shape of a "T".  I fasten the motor to the sticks with a small wire tie and CA glue.  I also use some carbon fiber rods to reinforce the sticks.  I then make a matching "T" with 3 more magnets on it and fasten it to the airplane.  The motor pops off very easily and it is better at protecting the prop than any other system.  You can usually smack the prop on a hard floor 8 to 10 times before it will damage the prop tips.

     I use a Castle Creation 10 amp speed control.  I like these speed controls as they can be programmed on your computer quickly and easily and you can adjust them for almost an combinations of batteries and motors.  They are also very light weight.

     This power system will give unlimited vertical performance and the IFO flys like a feather because it's so light.  It's about 8oz all up weight with the battery.

     Your IFO will probably be lighter with this system as I have added a rudder with a third servo and also a strip foam about 1/8 inch thick 3 inches wide and the length of the IFO.  I put the foam strip both under and over the IFO so that it has side area.  It can't knife edge but it can hover in the same position that you are in when doing a torque roll.  The IFO doesn't rotate in a torque roll because it has too much wing area.

     I leaned how to do the torque roll with this plane.  It's great to practice with because it doesn't break when you hit the ground.  That is if you don't hit it too hard, other wise you might have to spend a few minutes to CA it.

     If you decide to order a Nippy Black motor you can get it from it is 0808/98 Nippy Black and I paid $62.98 for mine.  I own three of them plus a larger one for my bigger plane.