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La Vista Daze

La Vista Daze May 2010



















       Fred Tuckerman on the left waiting for Tom Egbert to launch his flying wing at the La Vista Daze on May 29th and 30th.   This is at the La Vista Field, which is in the La Vista Sports Complex.

       This event included Flight Demonstrations and Training for interested people attending.  The Midwest Performance Flyers furnished trainer airplanes and Instructors free of charge.  Here is the "Event Flyer"

 Photography by Helen Paasch

Getting Started. Helen Paasch "our Photographer". Ed Paasch relaxing between flights. Helicopter Flyer. Fred's twin boy either Chris or Charlie.  I can't tell the difference.
Fred's daughter Riley. Future Model Riley. Tom & Elizabeth Egbert. In Flight. Ed and Helen goofing off.
Flight Line. Some of the Flyers. Setting up the tent. Tom Egbert's Helicopter. Tom rolling the Heli over.
Tom flying inverted. Great food. Getting ready to taxi. Lifting off. Hard at work.
Bob English is one of our instructors. Tom Flying. Flying Wing. Launching Tom's Wing. Another shot of the Pits.
Here a students learns to fly. Ed Paasch. Tom starting his plane. Ed Paasch & Fred Tuckerman. Airborne.
         Photography by Helen Paasch