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June18, & 25, 2010 Meeting




















       This is at the program on June 25, 2010.  Tom Egbert is doing the introduction.  We did 4 programs on the 25th. plus 1 program on June 18, 2010.

June 25, 2010

         Keith Paskewitz's lightweight Ghost Bi-plane with Larry Bailey explaining before a flying demo.

              Galen Lillethorup always does a fabulous job of building telling about his planes like the Demoiselle, Antoinette, Wright Flyer and many other of his scale creations.

       Galen's shows the first airplane to have ailerons.        Tom Egbert flying.
       Here Tom Egbert is landing while Galen waits.        This shows one class and our airplanes on the tables.
       Galen and Tom teaching future R/C flyers.        Another class of students interested in aviation.

June 18, 2010

       Tom Egbert Larry Bailey & Galen Lillethorup.        Tables at the big Gym.
        Still hard at work.        Winding up for the day.

       Photography by Keith Paskewitz George Eheman & Larry Bailey