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       Tom Egbert and John Schenk presented a program to bring everyone up to speed on the new state laws regarding flying drones and planes with cameras.  the new Nebraska proposal could make a child's toy illegal.

       The program included a lively and knowable discussion on what to do to help lesson the impact of the proposed laws.

       Ed Paasch volunteered to contact AMA and see if they will make up letters for all of us to sent to our state representatives.

       I took this picture before all the MPF's showed up.  We had a pretty fare turnout to the meeting.

       Tom Egbert is showing an article in a magazine before the program.

       Phil Barton presented a segment on the new "Far Sky" radio equipment from hobby King.  This is a way to get state of the art equipment for a reasonable price.


       John Schenk added valuable information on the new state proposed laws for RC flying.

       Gale Sherman built this stick & tissue Procter Sopwith Camel.  It has a .70 4 cyl. engine and should weigh in at 6 or 7 lbs.     

       Mike Moritko brought his new Blade 500 helicopter.  This will be an exciting heli to fly!


       This is another shot of the guys flying after the meeting.  The air was full of helicopters.

       Here Rich Eich is walking back from his glider.


       Photography by Keith Paskewitz