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       We had a great turn out, a great meeting and tons of fun flying after the meeting.  Elizabeth came and photographed me "Keith" for Show "N" Tell.  She did such a great job that I will put up more than one picture of myself.  I'm always so modest.


       Tom Egbert brought a, state of the art, control line plane with a professionally built Super Tiger 60 engine.

       John Schenck explained the many new features of his new Spektrum DX-8.  This is a truly remarkable radio.

       Gale Sherman brought a scratch built Cessna L-19 that he had covered with aluminum duck tape.  the aluminum tape cost only $15.00 and gale added panel line and rivets making this a tremendous scale airplane.

       Fred Tuckerman brought 2 planes.  the first was a Electra Fly SU-37 Sukhoi.

       Fred's Model-tech delta.

        This shows the checkerboard bottom.

       Craig Hamler brought his T-Rex 700 with a 90 Nitro engine and a new Spektrum DX-8.        Tom's new milled foam plane from Dynamic Foamy costs just $35.00 but you have to get the radio, motor etc. from one of the E-flite planes such as the 4-Site.  It flys better than any of the small planes in it's size range and is fully 3-D!
       Tom can't stand the flash going off in his eyes anymore!        This is Keith Paskewitz' new "Relax" airplane made from carbon rods and covered with Reynolds Wraps.  This is IFO technology.
       The "Relax" weighs just over 3 ounces and is painted with acrylic paint which added about 1 gram to the planes weight.        I have been looking for a plane that flew like this for 10 years and had believed it was an impossible dream but now I finally have a plane that does what I wanted.

       Photography by Keith Paskewitz and Elizabeth Egbert