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May 2008 Meeting















       Keith Paskewitz brought his newest IFO.  Just finished today May 18, 2008 this is the 5th generation his of IFO's or maybe 6th depending on how you count.  Will test fly at La Vista Community Center next Monday "tomorrow".


       Starting 7 or 8 years ago Keith built a stock IFO, which was 11 to 12 oz. and then added a steerable rudder.  When Out-runner motors & LiPo batteries came along he modified it to a lighter 8 oz. version & then added a second landing gear on top so it could land up-side-down. 


       He then modified it to a still lighter one with an E-flite 14 gram motor and the 2 gram Spectrum Nanolite Airborne system. 


       Now a brand new lighter still version, with lighter carbon fiber, cases taken off servos etc. etc. it weighs 4 ounces with battery.

March 2008 Meeting

  Tom Egbert brought his Hanger 9 Extra 260 with a DA 50 gas engine.

  Fred Tuckerman brought his Corsair with a 25 LA Nitro engine.  A very fast plane.

  Another shot of Keith's IFO.


  Since this is a slow "Show N Tell" day I will include a couple of pictures of three generations of IFO's in my garage.