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     Here are three recent pictures of the wing. The panel on the wing with the little thing sticking up is removable and inside is the radio switch, charging jack, air pressure gage and the air fill valve.

     The slots in the wing were a real pain but came out OK.  I am priming and getting ready to put some color on it soon.  Still have lots of detail work to do, it never ends. 

     Hope to test fly in the next few weeks.  Dean

     Editor's note:  For those of you not fortune enough to have seen this airplane, it is the most complex R/C Flying Machine that I have ever seen.  It has not only elevons, the outer control surfaces open both up and down at the same time like clam shells.  The further that you look, the more complex systems you find.

     Maybe I can get Dean to write a more complete description of it in the future. These systems are all built from scratch including the retractable landing gear.

     Stay tuned for more pictures in the future.

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